Snow Leopard and Dlink NAS DNS323

An MacOS upgrade to Snow Leopard killed all the mapping to the home NAS server I had setup on Dlink DNS-323 NAS box.

Snow Leopard won’t let me connect to the NAS Box at all. The shares were fine, and I could access them from other systems.

I had fairly recent version of firmware for the NAS too. Some people had posted messages saying updating the firmware to 1.08 (which is a beta) solved this problem for them.

I wasn’t about to install a beta software on my NAS box.

I could map the volume if I took off the passwords to the shares, but that too wasn’t an acceptable solution.

After a few trial and error, I found a strange thing. If i set the passwords only as Numeric then SnowLeopard mounts it!

Haven’t figured why this should be so. It can’t be a protocol problem if it works fine with a numeric password.

Anyway, it works fine again, though I have to remount the network volume on three other home systems. 🙂