Got a Lemon? Make Lemonade!

We are passing through one of the most difficult economic times in world history. This perhaps is the worst economic crisis most of us will witness.  Overall sentiments are bad, and many are loosing their jobs.In times like this it is important to remember that life does hand us a lemon every now and then. It is important for us to handle it  well and bounce back in life.For all those who despair and feel hopeless about their situation, here is an inspirational video :

From experience I can confidently state that the ongoing worldwide crisis too will be a blip on the radar when you look back at it from a whole life context. It seems bad now, but human ingenuity is such that we will find a way out fairly soon.This is not a tragedy as some are making it out to be. Lets put it in context:

  • The Black Death (bubonic plague) in 1300s, killed close to 50% of Europe’s population, and Europe bounced back within a hundred years to start ruling most of the planet.
  • Great Famine of 1876-77 in India killed about 5.5million people.
  • Days following our independence were calamitous in every sense.
  • World war’s created a far worse situation than anything we have experienced in our life time.

In all – I think most of us who are accessing Internet have led a favorable life. Things have improved constantly.Periodic corrections and dips shouldn’t cause us to loose hope entirely. We just need to factor it into our future plans and move on.As they say “You got a Lemon? Make Lemonade”.