I didn’t do it; Nobody saw me do it; You can’t prove anything!

Watching the pakistan defense of Mumbai Terror attacks of 26/11 reminded me of an old song from the Simpsons Album. This song, DO THE BARTMAN, contains the Bart-Defense (Lyrics). For those of you who is interested – See It.

The song begins with Bart Simpson saying : I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything…


I didn’t do it:

Mr. Zardari and Pakistani channels kept on saying they don’t think pakistani’s were involved. The Pakistani channels went overdrive saying there isn’t even a proper town called Faridkot. And the 3 villages by that name didn’t have anyone by the name Ajmal Amir. The hints were all about Samjautha Express and about Indian radical groups.

Nobody saw ME do it:
When it became evident that the arrested man was from Pakistan, Mr. Zardari and other people from Pakistan started saying – We are victims too! This is an act committed by NON-STATE ACTORS! There is no connection between the Pakistani state and the Radical Muslim groups! oh yeah, it is possible the previous dictators and Generals may have had something to do with some organizations, but they were not sanctioned, they don’t continue with us… There are no current state links with terrorist organizations.

You see we are better than the previous rogues who ruled this country.

You can’t Prove Anything:

When there was more clear evidence in the form of calls made to handlers and ex-ISI officers – with Lt. General Hamid Gul’s name being prominently thrown about and UN accepting the request by various nations and putting organizations within Pakistan in terorrist list, Pakistan half-heartedly arrests them And then Pakistani state actors (they do that a lot – ACTING) came on to suggest, there is no evidence! So, they keep saying ‘you can’t prove anything’.

For Pakistan no proof would be sufficient. Its chief justice has been exposed in a scandal where he got his Daughter’s marks upgraded to make her eligible for a medical seat. And when Pakistani Parliament setup a committee to look into this matter, the Court has stayed the sitting of the Parliament Committee itself!! So much for rule of law, evidence and process etc!!

YOU REALLY CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING IN PAKISTAN! Their system only sees what they want to see, everything else can be brushed aside.

The only way to correct this situation is to treat Pakistan like Bart Simpson! The idiotic imbecile who can never do a right thing, and will always need externally disciplining and monitoring. The world will have no choice but to take away Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons, if it wants to survive.

Otherwise, very soon “NON STATE ACTORS” will annhialate some city and hundreds of thousands, and an action at that time will be too late.

Reverse Jihad:
Oh! I  saw this TV program where an ex-Indian General was suggesting that we reverse the Pakistani ISI strategy of War of Thousand Cuts by Jehadi forces! His idea is we do unto them what they do to us. In other words, conduct a covert war with Pakistan.

That looks like an reasonable choice – Pakistan wants to fight a low cost war of thousand cuts? OK. We’ll inflict a thousand cuts on Pakistan too, and let us see who can live on with these thousand cuts. It is more likely Pakistan will fail long long before India will.

But, I feel that may be a very risky policy. No country in the world has ever succeeded over a longer term by supporting an extremist ideology to promote its state objective. Sooner or later it has come back to byte the country which supported covert elements. India should desist from supporting any militant or extremist force! We have had enough trouble with Sikh, LTTE terrorists already, we don’t need more. We certainly do not want to kill innocents to conduct our state craft.

However, if it is indeed possible to extract our revenge covertly and raise the costs to the people who wage a covert war, without supporting terror/seperatist groups inside pakistan, then that might be a good choice.
The choices in front of India are tough. We have to resolve to deal with this war of thousand cuts. We need to be prepared to make sure that the cuts will never be very deep, and medical-aid is available without delay and the cuts will heal rapidly. In other words, metamorphose into a society that makes it difficult to inflict a cut, and heals the cut very fast.