Last saturday we decided to travel to Mangalore. Considering the Hasan-Sakaleshpur route has terrible roads, or non-existant roads, we decided to make our way through Mysore-Madikeri route. Mysore was a breeze. Mysore-Madikeri wasn’t. Roads were bad, but still manageable, as Innova handles bad roads well. It was the first time I was going through that route to Mangalore, though I have been driving to Mangalore for past 14 years, from Hasan Route.

We reached Madikeri around 12pm and started our descent from the hills towards Mangalore. Just when we were leaving madikeri town, a black fiat palio honked hard and blazed past me from my left side. It enraged me and i started trailing the car, even as my wife warned me that we don’t know this road, and it may not be wise to try to overtake this car, just to scream at the guy or prove a point to the guy.

I trailed the car for about 2km, and I saw the Palio slowing down and going to his extreme left on to the rough. He was avoiding a pot hole. I had two choices, I had to slow down and go over the pot hole, or go to the right-avoid pothole and overtake the Fiat-Palio. I chose to overtake the Fiat and went to the right. I wanted to get ahead and scream at the Fiat guys for overtaking me from the left side.

I hadn’t seen the jeep coming in the opposite direction, was avoiding another pothole and had moved to its right. All of a sudden the Jeep driver had only two choices. Either he hits the Palio, or he hits me!!! He decided to hit me, after all i was on the wrong side of the road!

My wife sitting on the front left seat, suffered a Dislocation and mutiple fractures to her left shoulder, and she knew it instantly. My car was damaged extensively due to a huge iron-chunk of a front guard the jeep had. Nothing much happened to the jeep.

We saw the young driver of the Fiat-Palio drive past us, laughing at our misfortune….

I guess I had proved something – My stupidiy.