India went through dark days in early 1970s, when I was growing up. A massive and concerted attempts were made to subvert the consitutional liberties and bring in modifications to constitution to bring in legitimized autocratic rule. It was Indias good-fortune to have withstood that test.

Now, again I see similar attempts being done. But, this time it isn’t an individual or a single party that’s doing it. It is a collective attempt of our elected class to turn India into a Mobocracy, where they can have their brutal rule. No more do you see any debate of substance. No more the niceties of giving due consideration to any proposed bill, before bringing it in to law.

Most recent example : Karnataka govt. is trying to derail a fantastic Private initiative, that was approved 10 years back. the NICE (Nandi Infrastructure Corridor) project which will connect Bangalore and Mysore by a world-class highway and bring about many townships in the middle, will be taken over by govt. through a legislative action, if a proposed bill comes in to law. Karnataka govt. is resorting to this, after having lost out in Supreme court, which fined the govt. for putting imepdiments to a project that is in public interest. Instead of being chastened by this, Karnataka govt. is flexing its legislative muscle and majority power.

As the following article nicely describes : Who needs checks and balances in this country???